Best-Paying White Collar Jobs

Jan 19, 2020

Finding a high paying, white-collar job can be a daunting task, but there are many options to choose from, especially in managerial positions in the medical, legal, and business fields. Take a look at a few of these positions below.

Career Options for the Best-Paying White Collar Jobs

White collar jobs are generally those that are done from an office setting and usually don't require any sort of manual labor. While not all of these jobs mean a high salary, some of the highest paying careers are considered white collar, especially those in the medical, legal, and managerial fields. We will look at a number of the best-paying white collar careers below.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Physician/Surgeon $208,000 or more 7%
Lawyer $120,910 6%
Financial Manager $127,990 16%
Marketing Manager $134,290 8%
Computer and Information Systems Manager $142,530 11%
Chief Executives $189,600 6% (for all top executives)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for the Best-Paying White Collar Jobs


There are many different types of physicians and surgeons, from general physicians to highly specialized neurosurgeons. These professionals work with patients to help them maintain their health, prevent health problems, diagnose illnesses, and provide treatment. To become a physician or surgeon, you will need to attend a 4-year medical school and then complete a residency program that aligns with your specific interests. Physician and surgeon salaries vary depending on the specialty, but the median annual salary for all of them in 2018 was at least $208,000, making this one of the best-paying white collar jobs.


Lawyers provide clients with legal advice and help them navigate various legal issues, from lawsuits to wills. They usually work in a specific aspect of the law, like tax law, family law, or intellectual property. Lawyers conduct most of their work from offices, courtrooms, or places where they meet their clients, all white-collar settings. Lawyers in 2018 made a median salary of $120,910, though the top 10% of lawyers made more than $208,000. To become a lawyer, you will need to attend law school and pass a state bar examination.

Financial Manager

Financial managers oversee all aspects of a company or organization that have to do with money. Common duties include monitoring budgets, reviewing financial documents, providing financial guidance to other company executives, and keeping track of other financial staff members. These white-collar professionals work from an office and make a median annual salary of $127,990. To be eligible to work as a financial manager, you will need a relevant bachelor's degree with at least five years of work experience.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers work for companies and are responsible for figuring out how much demand exists for whatever service or product they produce. This job includes figuring out the best marketing strategies, managing staff, and figuring out price points for products and services. These professionals usually work in the marketing offices of companies and make a high paying median salary of $134,290 in 2018. Marketing managers usually have a bachelor's degree in a field like marketing or promotions.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

As a computer and information systems manager, you are responsible for directing all of the technology and computing related activities within a company. This includes making sure current equipment is up-to-date and deciding when upgrades are needed, developing departmental goals, and aligning with other company managers to share information. Individuals in this white-collar job made a median salary of $142,530 in 2018. To become a computer and information systems manager, you will need a bachelor's degree in a related field along with work experience.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive officers are essentially the head manager of a company or organization they work for. Their duties and responsibilities may vary, but in general they are responsible for making sure the company meets its goals and communicates with the board of directors. These professionals generally work from offices and their salaries can vary by industry. In 2018, the median salary for all chief executives was $189,600. Chief executive officers generally need at least a bachelor's or MBA degree. Work experience is also helpful.

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