Best Biophysics Undergraduate Programs & Colleges

Oct 15, 2019

Biophysics is a concentrated program that deals with biology and physics at the cellular and molecular level. This article contains information about biophysics undergraduate programs and some of the colleges that offer them.

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Overview of Biophysics Undergraduate Programs and Colleges

Biophysics is a concentrated branch of science that is a combination of biology and physics. Undergraduate programs in biophysics are offered by many reputed universities. Stanford, Harvard and Columbia University are some of the top schools where an undergraduate biophysics program is available. You can find more details about these colleges and programs in the following sections of this article.

Admission Requirements for Biophysics Undergraduate Programs

Each college or university has its own admission requirements for undergraduate programs in Biophysics. The minimum requirements are that the applicant should have graduated from high school or passed a GED. A good GPA of 3.0 or higher will get you easily qualified. GRE, ACT and SAT scores also help you, but are not mandatory to get an admission.

Common Coursework in Undergraduate Biophysics Programs

Undergraduate biophysics programs have different courses. They depend on the school that you choose. Here are some of the common courses that you can find in this program.

Basics of Computing and Programming

Biophysics involves a lot of complex calculations that are critical for analysis and conclusions. Since this requires a computer, most programs have a basic computing course. Programming languages are also taught since biophysics requires handling of electronic instruments that you may need to program.


This course contains basic the principles of biochemistry and its applications. Enzyme kinetics, cellular energy and protein structure are also included in this course.

Integral and Differential Calculus

Mathematics is essential in Biophysics as it lays the foundation for the program. Most mathematics coursework contains integral and differential calculus. There is some analytical geometry too, which helps in certain calculations required for the program.

Introduction to Mechanics

Mechanics is a major branch of physics that shares its significance with biology. This is a basic course that helps you to understand laws that govern energy and motion. Heat, light and sound energy principles constitute this course.

Molecular Biology

This is biology at the cellular or molecular level. Concepts of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell biology is discussed. Structures and functions of the cell are also covered here.

How to Choose Biophysics Undergraduate Programs and Colleges

Institutional procedure and curriculum are the two most important things when choosing a biophysics program. This means that the college you choose must be up to global standards. Look out for programs that are explained in detail, so that you will know what you are choosing. Practical knowledge is important for this program, so make sure that there are many lab courses that are available and internships/co-ops included as well. A comparison of some of the best Universities that offer undergraduate Biophysics programs can be found below:

School Name Location Program Name In-state Tuition (2018-2019)*
Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Bachelor of Science in Biophysics $10,822
Indiana University- Purdue University- Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN Bachelor of Science in Physics- Biophysics Option $9,465
Brown University Providence, RI Bachelor of Science in Biophysics $55,466
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PS Bachelor of Arts in Biophysics $55,584

Career Options for a Biophysics Degree

A biophysics degree has a spectrum of potential careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, biophysicists earn a median salary of $93,280 per year. The job outlook for 2018-2028 is a 6% rise. Further education and doctorate degrees will open up opportunities for government jobs. Here are some of the careers you could choose with a professional biophysics degree.

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