Best Careers for Antisocial People

Jan 18, 2020

There are several career options for people who are antisocial and would prefer to have limited contact with other individuals. Learn about the different jobs, salary information, and education needed for careers that fit antisocial people.

Career Options for Antisocial People

Those who consider themselves antisocial have a wide range of career options that do not directly relate to interaction with other people. Though many careers require social interaction, the following career options entail minimal communication with others.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Agricultural Worker $24,620 1%
Craft Artist $34,240 0%
Writers and Authors $62,170 0%
Aircraft Mechanic $62,920 3%
Geological Technician $53,300 7%
Film and Video Editor $62,650 14%
Animal Caretaker $23,760 16%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Antisocial People

Agricultural Worker

Agricultural workers normally work independently caring for crops, farmland, and livestock animals. These workers use different machinery to complete their tasks, such as moving plants, spraying fertilizers and pesticides, and irrigating. Agricultural workers normally do not need a formal education, though they do have on-the-job training to learn more about the equipment they will use and how the farm is run.

Craft Artist

Though there are opportunities for craft artists to work in museums and art galleries, many craft artists complete their work on their own with little to no social interaction. These artists use many different materials to create varying works of art that portray thoughts, feelings, and ideas. They usually display their work at various places including auctions, galleries, craft fairs, or online. A formal education is not needed to become a craft artist, though many artists pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts to enhance their skills and learn different techniques and styles.

Writers and Author

Writers and authors normally work on their own to create written content to entertain or inform readers. Though most of their work is done on their own, they submit their material to editors to ensure the quality of their writing. Writers and authors might research topics to produce an evidence-based piece or focus on creative writing. A bachelor's degree is required for those interested in writing full-time for most jobs.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft mechanics diagnose and repair aircraft issues. They conduct routine maintenance to ensure the aircraft is running properly and efficiently, along with keeping records on any work done. This career option requires very little social interaction, since mechanics work on the mechanical and electrical parts of the aircraft. These mechanics normally learn through an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school, while others complete high school and receive on-the-job training.

Geological Technician

Geological technicians conduct tests on various rock and soil samples, as well as extracting different natural resources. While geological technicians normally work as part of a team, the field and lab work can be done individually, since there is a lot of analyzing and sampling to be done. Some jobs require a bachelor's degree, though many only require an associate's degree in an applied science.

Film and Video Editor

Most of the work done by a film or video editor is done independently by changing images and organizing the material for an audience. After editing is complete, they do work with producers and directors to finish the film or video. Most employers want film and video editors to have a bachelor's degree in film or broadcasting.

Animal Caretaker

Antisocial people may be interested in a career working with animals, because there is very little interaction with people in this job. Animal caretakers take care of animals by keeping their living spaces clean, giving them food and water, taking them for walks, playing with them, and keeping them groomed. Some workers also train the animals. Many animal caretakers learn on the job and only need a high school diploma.

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