Best Careers for Shy People

Shy people may not feel at ease around a lot of people, but there are careers out there where shy people can thrive. This article builds on jobs for the shy that may be for creative or technical or talented individuals along with info about pay and job outlook.

Career Options for Shy People

Shy people are just as creative, just as technical and just as talented as everyone else. There are plenty of careers out there for shy people looking for long-term employment. Below are some of those careers and some vital information shy people will find handy.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Photographer $34,070 3%
Technical Writer $69,850 10%
Video/Film Editor $62,760 18%
Graphic Artists $47,640 1%
Radiologic Technologists $57,450 9%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for People Interested in Jobs for Shy People


Artistic photographers spend a lot of their time taking pictures on their own. These men and women could spend hours in nature searching for the perfect frame. They could work with still life in a studio. They might find work photographing items for advertising like food, cosmetics or automobiles. The great thing about photography is that it's great for shy people with a creative streak. Photographers don't need a degree, but most take courses to learn techniques, build darkroom skills, and develop their portfolios.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are specialized writers who take technical or scientific material and rewrite it in a form most people can understand. These men and women are hired by companies to create journals, how-to books, instruction manuals and other material that aids the general public in understanding unfamiliar or complex topics. Technical writers need to understand the technical aspects of the original work they are rewriting or turning the data they have into text form. A bachelor's degree, as well as experience in the field they write in, is required to be a technical writer.

Video/Film Editor

Film and video editors are perfect for shy people since the job entails someone to sit in front of a monitor editing material. Editors need at least a bachelor's degree in film, communications or broadcasting to gain the necessary experience on various editing boards or using editing software. Editors manipulate film or video. They cut scenes out of and into a film. They add sound, dialogue and special effects and create the final product under the supervision of a director.

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists need to earn a bachelor's degree for this position. These artistic professionals build their design portfolios o they can show off their creative techniques and styles. Graphic artists use computer software to create design concepts for clients to sell a product or inspire a customer to do something. These artists will work on pamphlets, book covers, music posters or magazine layouts. While in this profession, the artist will work with a small group of colleagues to develop materials, so it's ideal for shy people who want to make an impact on the general public but feel uncomfortable interacting in large groups.

Radiologic Technologists

These medical technologists work with diagnostic imaging. In other words, they take x-rays and develop the images for doctors to analyze. These careers need associate's degrees to start. These professionals run calibrated imaging equipment which they need to keep clean and maintain in working order. Radiologic technologists prep patients and cover certain body areas for protection before shooting x-rays. They are expected to keep patient records updated and make sure physicians' evaluations are included. Due to the limited interaction with patients and doctors, shy people can thrive in this field while still helping people in the long term.

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