Best Computer Careers for the Future

Computers and technology continue to be at the center of business growth. Choose a computer career for the future to make sure you have plenty of opportunities available over the long-term.

Career Options for Best Computer Careers for the Future

It's no surprise that computers will be an integral part of the workforce in the future. Knowing now which careers to pursue in a computer-related field can set you up for success in the long run. The careers below are either growing much faster than the average national job growth rate, or they are new positions in rapidly growing fields.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Web Developers $66,130 27%
Computer Systems Analysts $87,220 21%
Information Security Analysts $92,600 18%
Business Intelligence Analysts $86,510 2-4%
IT Project Managers $135,800 15%

Source: *U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Best Computer Careers for the Future

Web Developers

As businesses increasingly rely on websites for marketing and sales functions, web developers will be in progressively high demand. Web developers create web applications based on clients' needs by using programming and markup languages. The level of education needed often depends on the employer and complexity of the project. While most web developers have an associate's degree in a computer science or design concentration, a bachelor's degree is expected by some prominent employers. It's also possible to succeed with just a high school diploma and specialized training or certification.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts ensure that companies are using the right programs to make their business run as smoothly and effectively as possible. They choose and implement computer systems to support specific objectives and budgets within an organization. With so many emerging technologies on the horizon, computer systems analysts will be needed to sort through and select the right options for varying business needs. Most have bachelor's degrees in a computer field and take additional training courses to stay current on the rapidly growing technology industry.

Information Security Analysts

With the growth of computers and information technology comes an increase in cyber security threats. Information security analysts are needed now and in the future to implement protective measures against cyberattacks such as hacking into sensitive or valuable data. A bachelor's degree is a standard requirement for most information security analyst positions, but in some cases a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Systems degree and experience in a related role is preferred.

Business Intelligence Analysts

There is a reason the age of computers is referred to as the 'information age': computers make it easy to collect and store extensive amounts of data, sometimes so much that it is difficult to make sense of. Business intelligence analysts collect and analyze information from multiple data streams so companies can make informed decisions. They typically have a bachelor's degree and a thorough understanding of computer databases and business intelligence software. It is also helpful for business intelligence analysts to have general business and industry knowledge in order to communicate well with stakeholders.

Information Technology Project Managers

Information technology (IT) project managers, also known as computer and information systems managers, lead team members to complete computer system and software related projects. This involves a thorough knowledge of both computer infrastructure and project management techniques, and generally requires a bachelor's degree and at least five years of experience in the field. With new technology moving at breakneck speed, companies will need more IT project managers to ensure quick and successful implementation of new programs, web applications, and infrastructure.

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