Best Creative Jobs for People Without a Degree

Creative jobs are as plentiful as leaves on a tree. Many people desire to fulfill that creative spark in their soul where they are employed. Depending on the career choice and the interest of the person, there are tons of creative jobs available that do not require a college degree.

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Career Options for Creative People Without a Degree

Most people live to do what they love - and get paid for it. There are a lot of jobs available to creative people that do not require a degree. Below are some of these jobs and some interesting statistics.

Job Title Median Salary (2016)* Job Growth (2014-2024)*
Actor $37,040 10%
Singer/Musician $40,300** 3%
Writer $61,240 (for all writers and authors) 2% (for all writers and authors)
Artist $48,780 (for all craft & fine artists) 2% (for all craft & fine artists)
Floral Designer $25,850 -3% (decline)
Photographer $34,070 3%
Theatrical and Performance Make-up Artist $60,970 14%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ** (2017 salary)

Career Information for Creative Jobs Without a Degree


Actors and actresses are needed in a lot of different entertainment venues. Most local community theaters hire some help like a director, stage manager and even actors. Advertising companies need actors for local and regional work. Motion pictures and television shows hire extras for work in a variety of genres. Although many actors receive training at the college level, many receive training through acting classes offered at community centers or regional theaters.


Singers and instrumentalists are adept at a lot of styles and a lot of genres. The ability to sing or play an instrument well allows creative types to excel in something they enjoy. Singers can front bands, try put for stage musicals, or work for an advertising company doing commercial jingles. Instrumentalists could audition for local symphonies, play at dinner clubs or tour with a musical event show. Musicians and singers may get some formal training, but for the most part, they get to where they are by practice, practice, practice.


Writing jobs could include novelists, journalists, songwriters or technical writers. Someone writes the copy for newscasts or the screenplays for movies and television shows, or the instruction journals for your washing machine. Others write poetry or songs. Although most writers go to college and major in English or a related field, many do not. These writers have a tenacity in the subject and interest in using words to create a world they enjoy working in. With the proliferation of the internet, writers have a format for their work and a place to get published and receive feedback.


Artist is a flexible term to describe a plethora of creative individuals who could work in a variety of fields like sculpting, illustration, crafts, painting and graphics to name just a few. Many artists go to college for some technical training. Many show an interest in a field early on and work diligently at their craft while they study at an artist's studio or an art center. Some, like stain glassed window designers or costume designers may start professionally as understudies with local master craftsmen in their area.

Floral Designer

Another creative job endeavor might be as a floral designer who may work at their own floral shop creating flower arrangements for prospective brides or wreaths for funerals. They could be hired for an event to put together arrangements for dinner tables or other displays. Some experts in this field offer courses in the art of floral design while others may work for a designer and gain hands on experience as they learn.


Photographers may choose to work as photojournalists, others could work locally as 'stringers' selling their photographs independently. Portrait photographers are employed by or own a public studio, and these artists work weddings, school pictures and other events. Photographers usually start with an interest in the field at a young age and gain experience at studios in the labs and learn from other photographers. Photographers, as always learning artists, will take tons of photos, experiment as they learn and perfect their craft.

Theatrical and Performance Make-up Artist

Make-up artists in theatrical performances may work for stage productions, television shows, or motion pictures. They learn on the job to utilize create straight makeup, sculpting and molding latex masks and cowls, creating special effects through makeup and other makeup techniques. The best way to get an education in makeup is by getting work for a makeup company or local theater and learning on the job.

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