Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering

Sep 26, 2019

Choosing a double major with mechanical engineering could be a good option for students who want to be more competitive in the job market. Here's why and how you can choose the best option for a double major.

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What Is the Best Double Major with Mechanical Engineering?

With a proper education in mechanical engineering, you can qualify for a high-paying job in a growing career field. And in a competitive world, a double major with mechanical engineering may be advantageous. Choosing a double major should be informed by your particular career goals.

A number of students choose a second engineering field. According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), double majors in business, communications, geology and biology are also great choices because they can prepare you for success in the work environment and teach you the applications of mechanical engineering for some very lucrative industries.

Admission Requirements for Double Major with Mechanical Engineering

In order to apply for a double major, you should be an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering with a minimum GPA. GPA requirements vary widely. In the event that your GPA does not meet requirements, admissions may make an exception via submission of an explanation letter. Additional requirements might involve having successfully completed a specific number of credits in mechanical engineering. If you are performing well in your engineering major, are involved in extracurricular activities and have work experience, you could have a good chance of approval for a double major.

Double Majors with Mechanical Engineering

Obtaining a bachelor's in mechanical engineering with a second declared major will require additional coursework. Students should plan on taking specialized courses in both fields. Although choosing a double major depends highly on career goals, some great choices include:


A number of institutions offer mechanical engineering students the option to double major in a second engineering field. Often, certain courses satisfy requirements for both majors (double-counting credits). Aerospace engineering is one possibility for mechanical engineers interested in aircraft and spacecraft.

Business Administration

A double major in business imparts the knowledge of how companies and corporations are managed. Students may learn about managerial accounting and human resources. Mechanical engineers with business skills may be better equipped to design realistic solutions or start their own business.


Mechanical engineers may decide to focus on biological and medicinal applications of engineering. A double major in biology can arm students with an understanding of biological systems as they relate to instrumentation and diagnostics. Graduates may be better prepared to design biomedical devices.

Computer Science

A double major in computer science imparts skills related to electrical and computer technology. Students may study computation theory, algorithm design and programming techniques they can apply to their work as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers with computer science expertise may be suited for work related to robotics, computer software/hardware, and artificial intelligence.


Studies in communications prepare students to express themselves in the professional world. Mechanical engineers are often expected to present written and oral reports; certain positions require teamwork and leadership skills. A double major in communications may equip engineers with the skills needed for most work environments.

How to Choose a Double Major in Mechanical Engineering

Choosing a double major in mechanical engineering involves some homework. Consider how the double major will enhance your career prospects. Make sure you have the time and determination to complete a double major, especially when it comes to engineering. Depending on the double major, the degree may take longer than the traditional four years to complete. Consult with an advisor as early as possible to determine requirements.

Career Options with a Double Major in Mechanical Engineering

With a double major in mechanical engineering, a career in this field is just one possible option. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary for mechanical engineers was $87,370 as of 2018, and a job growth of 4% was projected for this occupation from 2018-2028. Here are some career options for mechanical engineering double majors:

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