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Jul 02, 2020

Overview of Psychology and Management Double Major Programs

Psychology programs explore the social and scientific basis for human behavior. They often emphasize communication, critical thinking and building research skills, and can prepare students for a career in healthcare, social work, or business. One of the best double majors you can choose with psychology is management. The courses you will take as a double major in psychology and management will give you an upper hand in business or whichever industry you choose as a leader with a strong understanding of human behavior. This article provides more details about coursework and career options, as well as how to choose a psychology and management program.

Admission Requirements for Psychology and Management Double Major

While psychology and management programs are normally offered by different university departments, the admissions procedures will likely be the same. You will need to follow the general university application process, which may include submitting standardized test scores, high school or GED program transcripts, and an application. It is also possible that the school will want to see letters of recommendation or statements of motivation to accompany your application. Declaring a double major can typically be done any time in the first year or so of the program.

Psychology and Management Double Major Coursework

Psychology and management coursework overlaps in areas relating to human and organizational behavior, communication and interpersonal relations. Below are some courses typically offered in either management or psychology programs that might be specifically applicable to a double major.

Social Psychology

This course covers how individuals behave within a group. Students learn about psychological processes, social problems and norms. Types of behavior that might be discussed include aggression, obedience, conformity, status seeking and attraction. Some social psychology courses also cover the theory and practices of organizational psychology, which focuses on the workplace environment, oftentimes in an industrial setting.

Conflict and Resolution

Conflict resolution coursework can be found in both psychology curricula and management, so it is a perfect fit for those with a double major. Topics covered in this course include the nature of conflict, types of conflict, and the processes that make up conflict, like escalation. Resolution is also discussed in both theory and practice, including techniques such as third-party intervention and negotiation.

Human Resource Management

This course focuses on the systems that exist within firms or organizations to implement good human resources practices. These practices include recruitment, development, compensation and appraisal of employees. In discussing these practices, students will learn about the various external factors in human resource decision making, like legal and economic considerations, and the course may cover how unions affect human resource management as well.

Theory and Practice of Negotiation

This course complements the psychology course on conflict and resolution. Negotiation is a critical skill in management and business, and negotiating effectively requires an understanding of the behavior of groups and individuals in the context of competitive and cooperative situations. This course includes theoretical work on the processes of negotiation, and may also require students to participate in negotiation experiences to build their workplace skills. Ideas discussed may include expectations, biases, trust, reciprocation and fairness.

Research Methods in Psychology

The field of psychology, like all sciences, is based on empirical research. It is important to understand the methods used to conduct research whether or not you plan to become a research scientist. This course introduces these qualitative and quantitative methods, including study design, surveying, analysis and writing. It may also specifically cover research within different types of psychology such as psychobiology or cognitive psychology.

How to Choose a Psychology and Management Double Major Program

Students interested in psychology and management will find many schools offering programs in both with the opportunity to double major. When deciding which to choose, you may want to consider the type of degrees offered, as Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees will have slightly different requirements and objectives. You can also consider which opportunities for learning are available outside the classroom, and select a school that caters to your career goals and interests. For example, different programs might have different options for internships, research and academic clubs or organizations.

Career Options for a Degree in Psychology and Management

A degree in psychology can lead to a career in research, clinical practice, social work and more. Pairing psychology with management will prepare you as a leader in any of those industries, or perhaps to work in business, as a human resources manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for this career was $116,720 in 2019, and the number of jobs is predicted to increase by 7% from 2018-2028. Below are other careers to consider.

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