Best Government Jobs for Military Spouses

Aug 31, 2018

Being married to a service member may not always accommodate regular permanent jobs, but this article describes a number of flexible government jobs that military spouses can pursue as they move from station to station alongside their spouses.

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Marriage to a person serving in the military is a call to serve along with them because they need support throughout their service, relocation and deployment. However, it also helps when military spouses have their own dreams and careers to chase, not only to make fulfilling and productive use of their time, but also to add to the family's financial pool. A government job also comes with benefits. This article describes a number of flexible options that military spouses can take up.

Career Comparison

Job Title Median Salary (2017)* Job Growth (2016-2026)* Applicable Skills/Traits
Librarian $58,520 9% Communication skills, sociability, computer literacy, problem-solving, organization
Veterinary Assistant $26,140 19% An interest in caring for animals, hands-on, technical skills, empathy, communication skills
Teacher $55,790 8% Patience, confidence, communication skills, technical knowledge, adaptability
Medical Records Technician $39,180 14% Technical skills, organization, time management skills, integrity, hands-on, confidentiality
Survey Statistician $84,060 34% Technical/computer skills, analysis, an eye for detail, critical thinking, deductive reasoning

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Government Jobs That Are a Good Fit for Military Spouses

The best government jobs for military spouses are those that enable them to remain flexible in case of relocation or deployment to avoid holding back the service members and the family. The jobs should also be available at the bases the family moves to. They should provide enough income and benefits that the family feels secure. Below is a description of five of these job titles.


The work librarians perform varies, but their basic duty is to assist persons seeking information at the library. They help users understand the cataloging and coding used to classify information, which makes finding information easier. Librarians will also teach users library etiquette to ensure the responsible use of resources. In small libraries, librarians will also find themselves taking over administrative tasks such as the recruitment and hiring of library staff and purchasing library supplies and equipment. Large libraries often hire staff to handle administrative tasks. The military has a number of libraries to support the information, entertainment, and reference needs of personnel and their families on base. This job is suitable for a military spouse as 250 military bases have libraries in addition to the many communities that have public libraries.

Veterinary Assistants

This job is suited to persons with an interest in working with sick or injured military animals or pets. The veterinarian diagnoses and treats the animals, while the assistant helps to feed, care and comfort them until they are well. He or she may also collect tissue and blood samples and assist during surgical procedures. Military spouses are suited for this role because the job is available on or near many military bases given that so many families own pets. In addition, the education and the skills required are convenient to acquire.


The government, through the Department of Defense, hires civilian teachers to teach in its schools for military dependents in the country and across the globe. This is an excellent opportunity for military spouses because it accommodates their constant relocation while maintaining their eligibility for government employee benefits. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) offers teaching opportunities for educators of all subjects. There are also special-education teaching opportunities. In addition, military spouses can also serve as substitute teachers. Teachers at all grade levels create lesson plans, teach students and evaluate their work, keep parents apprised of their child's progress and more.

Medical Records Technicians

Medical records technicians, also called health information technicians, are professionals who arrange and maintain health records. They keep note of patients' information including their symptoms, illnesses and treatment records. This job is suited to a military spouse because each base will have a healthcare facility and a need to keep medical records secure. A military spouse who wishes to work as a medical records technician must have basic computer knowledge and an understanding of medical terminology. He or she must also have technical knowledge of how to prepare medical records for storage and must understand how to maintain a medical library.

Survey Statisticians

Survey statisticians are analysts of statistical data and may sometimes be involved in the design of the statistical models they use to be use to analyze and interpret statistical data. The government employs statisticians to analyze data collected through surveys, opinion polls and other means. The statisticians analyze variables like wages, unemployment rates in the country and other estimates related to the citizens. This job is suited to military spouses because it can sometimes be done remotely and gives them eligibility for government benefits.

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