Best Jobs for Creative Extroverts

Jan 17, 2020

Career Options for Creative Extroverts

Extroverts thrive on social interaction and activity. They like variety, which is something that people who are creative can appreciate. Extroverts also tend to be hands on and active, and they'd rather be doing things than thinking about what they're going to do. Examples of jobs that will appeal to extroverts who are creative are discussed here.

Job Title Median Salary* (2018) Job Growth* (2018-2028)
Postsecondary Art, Drama and Music Teachers $69,960 annually 8%
Actor $17.54 hourly 1%
Musicians and Singers $28.15 hourly 0%
Dancers and Choreographers $18.17 hourly -1%
Art Therapist $47,860 annually 7%
Multimedia Artists and Animators $72,520 annually 4%
Graphic Designers $50,370 annually 3%
Writers and Authors $62,170 annually 0%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Creative Extroverts

Postsecondary Art, Drama and Music Teachers

Postsecondary teachers need a doctoral or master's degree in their discipline. Creative extroverts may be interested in teaching subjects such as art, drama or music. These subjects allow them to tap into their creative interests, while also providing opportunities for interaction with their students. Creative introverts will also appreciate the hands-on nature of these subject areas, as these teachers may be involved in rehearsals and recitals and preparing students for public performances.


Actors take on roles in commercials, television shows, plays and movies. They do not need a degree, although it is common for actors to pursue some training and they may study theatre arts. Creative extroverts will appreciate the fact that actors stay busy being active; they must use their whole body for their work as they present characters on stage and screen. They often work with a large cast and crew, and extroverts may thrive on the opportunities for interaction.

Musicians and Singers

Creative extroverts may want to pursue a career as a musician or singer because these careers provide them with an opportunity for action. Musicians and singers rehearse and perform music; they may play music for an audience, or they may play music that's recorded in a studio. The opportunities to perform and the chance to interact with crows will appeal to extroverts, since they love social interaction and hands-on work. Musicians and singers tap into their creativity when they write music or modify existing musical scores.

Dancers and Choreographers

Dancers don't need to have a degree, but they do need to begin training in dance at a young age. Choreographers almost always have prior experience as a dancer. Dancers use their dancing skills to produce movements that are part of a dance production. Choreographers determine what moves will be part of a production and organize the moves to create the effect they desire. Creative extroverts can find a career as a dancer or choreographer rewarding because they often will work with many other dancers and stage crews, and they regularly perform in front of live audiences. They will also enjoy being physically active as part of their work.

Art Therapist

Art therapists use art as a basis for therapy sessions with their patients. They encourage their patients to produce art as a way of expressing themselves, and use the art to understand what's affecting their patients. People who are creative may find this career appealing because they get to come up with therapeutic treatments to help their patients, and extroverts will enjoy the regular opportunities to interact with people that this career provides. A bachelor's or master's degree is required for a career as an art therapist; certification may also be necessary for employment in hospitals or rehabilitation centers.

Multimedia Artists and Animators

With a bachelor's degree, creative extroverts can pursue a career as a multimedia artist or animator. These artistic professionals use their skills to produce animation or graphics that could be used in commercials, TV shows, videos, movies, or video games. Creative personalities will enjoy the opportunity to use their artistic talents to develop designs. Extroverts will appreciate the opportunities to communicate with clients about their needs, discuss concepts and ideas with other artists and animators, and communicate with directors and other professionals involved in the production.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers communicate visually. They create things like logos and illustrations. Their work provides a lot of opportunities to be creative, since they have to combine colors and designs and other variables to generate an image that will send the desired message. They need to talk to clients about their needs and they also need to communicate with their art director and other designers working on the project as part of their job, and extroverts will enjoy the need for communication and the hands-on nature of the work.

Writers and Authors

Although it may be common to think of writers and authors as solitary professionals, writers and authors do have regular opportunities for interaction. Those who are researching may interview witnesses or professionals or attend events related to the topic they're writing about, which will appeal to extroverts. They also work with their editor and other publishing staff to ensure their work is ready for publication. They'll also appreciate the opportunity for variety if they write about many different subjects. Writers and authors draw on their creative strengths to produce original, compelling written material. They need to have a bachelor's degree.

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