Best Part-Time Jobs for Senior Citizens

Apr 02, 2018

There are a myriad of part-time job opportunities available to those who fall within the 'older and bolder' category. This article gives some great information on positions that allow senior citizens to earn a paycheck and have fun at the same time.

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Part-Time Job Options for Senior Citizens

It seems as though we spend our entire working career with a constant eye on the prize - retirement. However, many retirees find that they miss the satisfaction of a job well done or the social interaction that occurs in the workplace, or they just want to earn a little extra spending money. If you are a senior citizen (which these days can begin as early as age 50, depending upon whom you ask) looking to reenter the workplace on a part-time basis, you may find the perfect job in the list below.

Job Title Median Hourly Pay Job Growth (2016-2026)*
Substitute Teacher $13.59* 8% (teacher assistants)
Tutor $17.64** 10% (teachers and instructors, all other)
Pet Sitter $12.99 (dog sitter)** 15% (nonfarm animal caretakers)
Retail Salesperson $11.16* 2%
Usher $10.01* 7%
Customer Service Representative $15.81* 5%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of 2017, ** as of 2018

Part-Time Job Information for Senior Citizens

Substitute Teacher

While being a substitute teacher may seem a natural fit for a retired teacher, this part-time job is a perfect fit for people from all different types of career backgrounds. Substitute teaching requires a minimum of a high school diploma, with some school districts requiring a bachelor's degree and/or some type of licensure/certificate. As a substitute, you have the freedom to accept or decline any assignment, thus giving you the freedom to work only when you want. In addition, if you prefer to work only with the younger students or only with older students, you can accept assignments only at that level.


Many careers leave retirees with a specific set of skills that they may be able to teach to others; all it takes is the desire to help someone else and the ability to effectively and successfully pass on that knowledge. School-aged students are not the only ones who need tutoring. Many adults may be trying to attain a GED, while others may need help learning English. The tutoring opportunities are vast, allowing you to choose the hours that you work as well as how many clients you take on. A bachelor's degree is a common education requirement for becoming a tutor.

Pet Sitter

While becoming a pet sitter typically does not require any special skills (although a love of animals would definitely help in the enjoyment of this job), pet sitting does require individuals to be responsible, dependable and trustworthy. Pet sitting can involve much more than just dog walking. Many pet owners choose to use sitters rather than boarding their animals, so pet sitters may be required to stay in someone else's home to take care of a variety of animals that may include cats, hamsters and fish. You can get started with this part-time job just by letting your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and fellow church members, to name a few, know about your interest and availability; there are no formal education requirements.

Retail Salesperson

A part-time position in retail sales can give you the opportunity to earn income, sell products you like, and even save money with an employee discount. Many retirees take sales positions at stores that match their interests or hobbies, such as home improvement stores or craft stores, allowing them to earn money while working with something they enjoy. Duties in retail sales can include working the register, working the floor assisting customers or even stocking shelves. Retail sales work schedules typically vary from week to week and most require employees to be available for both evening and weekend shifts. There are no formal education requirements for this position, though a high school diploma may be preferred.


Working part time at a sports arena or a performing arts center is another opportunity to get the best of both worlds - watching something you enjoy while earning a paycheck. Ushers may take tickets, help attendees locate their seats and answer other questions regarding the venue. This position does typically require standing throughout the event, and taking care of the attendees is the main priority. As most of these events take place in the evening, working as an usher leaves your days open to engage in all of your other activities. Formal education is not required for this job.

Customer Service Representative

If you like to help people and have a friendly disposition, a part-time job as a customer service representative may be just the job for you. Customer service representatives (CSRs) can be found in all industries - insurance, tourism, banking, retail, etc. If a company has customers, then they have a need for CSRs. CSRs spend their days (or evenings) on the telephone helping customers. They may assist with general account questions or billing questions. CSRs can also help customers make reservations or changes to an insurance policy - the variety of CSR positions is vast. Most CSRs work on-site although telecommuting is an option offered by some companies. A high school diploma is usually required for these positions.

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