Business Administration Degree: Human Resources Concentration

This article focuses on business administration degrees that allow students to select a concentration in human resources and provides information regarding admission requirements, common courses, and career opportunities.

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Overview Business Administration Degrees: Human Resources Concentration

Students who are interested in learning about the world of business and pursuing a career in business after graduation may be interested in obtaining a degree in business administration. While these degrees are typically quite broad, covering a variety of business-related topics, students often have the opportunity to select a concentration or emphasis area within their degree program according to their interests and career goals. One of these concentration areas is human resources, which may be a good choice for individuals who are interested in the organization and coordination of resources for the employees of a particular business or company. Below, we will learn about the human resources concentration within a business administration degree in greater detail, focusing on admission requirements, common courses, and career options.

Admission Requirements for Business Administration Degrees

When selecting a business administration degree program, it is important for students to make sure that they meet that program's admission requirements. While specific requirements may vary to some extent according to the university or college, in general students applying to business administration degree programs will need to submit their high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and SAT or ACT test results in order to meet university acceptance requirements. Once accepted into a school, students typically will need to complete a number of prerequisite business and general education courses with a minimum GPA in order to be accepted into the business administration program where they can begin upper division courses, including courses for their chosen concentration.

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Common Courses in Business Administration Degrees Programs with a Human Resources Concentration

Students who enroll in business administration degrees and choose to pursue a concentration in human resources will generally be required to take a number of concentration specific courses in addition to the core curriculum courses in the business administration degree. We will look at a few of the courses that are often part of a business administration degree with a human resources concentration.

Human Resources Management

A general course in human resources management is often required for all business administration students, regardless of the concentration they select. In this course, students will typically be exposed to a broad variety of curriculum that covers many topics pertinent to human resources. Some of these topics include staffing, training and development, compensation, and group relations.

Compensation Management

A course in compensation management is often required in business administration programs when students select a human resources concentration. This course will provide students with a foundational knowledge in the principles of compensation, how to properly structure pay for employees in an organization, and how incentives like bonuses can be used within pay structures. In addition, students will learn about different ways of structuring benefits programs as well as legal policies and restrictions that are related to human resources.

Training and Development

In a course focused on training and development, students will learn about many different methods that can be used in the training and development of an organization's staff and their human resources department in general. Some topics that may be discussed in this course include theories of human resources training, how leadership is important in training and development programs, and how programs can be designed to keep employees happy and actively engaged in their organization.

Labor Relations and Negotiation

Another course often found in human resources concentrations in business administration degree programs is one that focuses on labor relations and negotiations. Students will learn the process by which a company's management personnel negotiate with their employees. Students will learn about labor unions and different techniques and tactics that human resources managers can use to bargain and negotiate with these groups. In order to understand different negotiation theory, students may be required to practice their own bargaining and negotiation skills.


As a big part of human resources involves managing an organization's employees, another common course found in these programs is a course focused on staffing. In this course, students will study topics like recruiting new employees, conducting interviews, managing new employees and helping them settle into their new work environment, staff conflict, performance reviews, and termination. This course will likely also focus on legal aspects of staffing and employee relations.

How to Choose a Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Human Resources Program

Business administration degrees with a human resources concentration are widely available at universities and colleges around the country. Because of all of the options, it may seem challenging to choose among programs. There are a number of factors students may want to take into consideration in order to make this decision process a bit clearer. Students may want to consider whether or not a program requires students to complete a practicum or internship, as this may help students create professional connections and gain exposure to the working world of human resources. Another way of selecting among programs is by looking at the course catalog for each program, as some programs have a greater selection of human resources courses and may offer courses that are of particular interest to some students.

Career Options with a Degree in Business Administration: Human Resources Concentration

There are many different career options for students who graduate with a business administration degree with a human resources concentration. One option for these graduates is a career as a human resources manager. These professionals earned a median salary of $110,120 as of 2017 and the field is projected to grow by 9% between 2016 and 2026. Some other options for these graduates include:

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