Business Teacher Certification New York

Jan 02, 2019

Business teachers in New York provide instruction that develops business-related skills. This instruction can range from teaching children to use computers to teaching high school accounting classes.

In New York, business teachers are required to be certified as business and marketing teachers. They may specialize in the areas of technology, accounting or marketing. Depending on their areas of focus, they may work with students in elementary, middle or high school.

New York Business Teacher Requirements

Average Salary for Teachers in New York (2016)* $72,510 (Kindergarten); $77,330 (Elementary); $78,060 (Middle School); $81,410 (High School)
Required Degree Bachelor's degree
Degree Field Business and Marketing Education
Testing Requirements edTPA, EAS, CST

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Step 1: Complete Education Requirements

The first step in pursuing a teaching career in New York is to earn a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. The simplest option is to pursue a degree through an approved postsecondary program, although it is an also an option to earn a degree at another accredited institution and apply for individual evaluation.

Approved Program Pathway

Approved pathway programs incorporate a mix of core course requirements appropriate for the subject or age group that individuals are preparing to teach. Since the classification for business teachers is business and marketing, the core course requirements include earning business and marketing credits. Students must take education courses and are also required to complete student teaching assignments. Students graduating from approved programs are also required to have a recommendation letter provided by their college or university in order to qualify for certification.

Individual Evaluation Pathway

To qualify for an initial certificate through the individual evaluation pathway, it is necessary to fulfill specific credit number requirements in a number of subject areas, including:

  • 18 credits in education
  • 30 credits in business and marketing
  • 30 liberal arts and science credits

Individual evaluation pathway applicants must also complete 40 days of student teaching and graduate with a 2.50 GPA.

Step 2: Pass Certification Exams

There are three exam areas that must be passed in order to qualify for the initial certificate needed to teach in the state of New York.


The edTPA's passing guidelines will be increasing every two years until 2022. Elementary education teachers currently need to score 46 points to pass while middle and high school teachers must earn a score of 38. In 2020, the passing scores will increase to 47 and 39 respectively. As of 2022, elementary teachers will need a score of 48 to pass while middle and high school teachers will need a score of 40.


The Educating All Students (EAS) exam requires a score of 500 to pass. This exam takes over two hours and costs $92. Those pursuing teacher certification must register for an exam time and pay the fee prior to taking the exam.


The Business and Marketing Content Specialty Test (CST) takes over three hours to complete. Those pursing qualifications to teach business must pay a $134 fee when registering to take the Business and Marketing CST. A passing score on the CST is 520.

Step 3: Complete Additional Certification Requirements

Approved Program Pathway

Applicants for the initial certificate must attend the Dignity For All Students Act workshop. They are also required to provide their fingerprints and pass a background check.

Individual Evaluation Pathway

Individual evaluation pathway applicants must pass a background check after providing their fingerprints. They are also required to attend the following workshops:

  • Child Abuse Identification
  • Dignity For All Students Act
  • School Violence Intervention and Prevention

Step 4:Apply For Initial Certificate

Once all the requirements for initial certification have been met, it is necessary to apply for the initial certificate and pay the application fee. Approved pathway applicants must pay $50 while individual evaluation applicants are charged $100. Proof of identity and copies of transcripts are required when applying for the certificate.

Teacher Certification Resources

Aspiring business teachers can prepare to pass their certification exams by using the practice and study guides we've linked to below. One covers the EAS exam while the other focuses on the Business and Marketing CST.

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