Career Opportunities in Corporate Communication

Apr 14, 2018

Organizations and corporations utilize communications in everything that they do and would be hard-pressed to survive if they did not effectively communicate. This article examines some careers within the field of corporate communications.

Career Options in Corporate Communications

Communicating is a part of our daily lives that we probably don't really give much thought to. And while that may work as individuals, for corporations and organizations that are in business to provide some type of goods and/or services to others, communications plays a very important role. Whether a company is looking to disseminate important information, both internally and externally, or looking to market their products, they need to utilize effective communication methods and skills to ensure the proper receipt and understanding of their messages. Let's take a look at some of the corporate communication positions that organizations employ to assist them in these efforts.

Job Title Median Annual Salary* Job Growth (2016-2026)*
Broadcast Producer $71,620 (for producers and directors) 12% (for producers and directors)
Outreach Coordinator $64,100 (for social and community service managers) 18% (for social and community service managers)
Digital Marketing Specialist $48,944** 10% (for advertising, promotions and marketing managers)
Corporate Communications Specialist $54,596** 9% (for public relations specialists)
Human Resources Manager $110,120 9%

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2017); ** (April 2018)

Corporate Communications Career Information

Broadcast Producer

Individuals who have both communication and broadcast production skills might be interested in pursuing a career as a broadcast producer. Broadcast producers working within a corporation are responsible for producing a variety of both internal and external information and marketing content. For example, broadcast producers may write material for and then produce internal webcasts that provide daily/weekly updates and other information to employees; they may create a variety of training videos; or they may be responsible for helping to create and produce video and audio advertising content that will be conveyed to consumers via various marketing channels. A bachelor's degree in communications or journalism and some broadcast production experience is typically required.

Outreach Coordinator

Those who truly enjoy interacting with a variety of individuals on a daily basis and who have the ability to effectively communicate and inform others, may want to consider a career as an outreach coordinator. Outreach coordinators are representatives of their organization whose main responsibility is to build relationships with, and provide specific organizational information to, various external groups in an attempt to inform and persuade them to support the organization. For example, an outreach coordinator working for a non-profit entity may work closely with a community to inform them of specific services they can provide that meet the community's needs, while an outreach coordinator working for a for-profit company may be tasked with building relationships with certain individuals who can ultimately affect the market support of the company. In addition to needing strong oral communication skills, a bachelor's degree is typically required for this position.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Individuals looking to combine their knowledge of various media platforms with their marketing and communication skills may enjoy a career as a digital marketing specialist. Digital marketing specialists are responsible for directing, managing, and coordinating all aspects involved with implementing a company's social media/digital marketing campaigns. The main responsibility of a digital marketing specialist is to create marketing content that will be disseminated via a variety of digital media including social media sites, the company's website, emails, blogs, and podcasts. Individuals must have a thorough understanding of these various platforms as well as search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge. A bachelor's degree is typically required in such majors as marketing, communications or graphic design.

Corporate Communications Specialist

Individuals looking to utilize their communication, journalism or English degrees in a corporate setting may be interested in a career as a corporate communications specialist. Corporate communications specialists must have excellent communication skills and writing abilities as their primary responsibility is to create and disseminate a variety of communication material for use both internally and externally. For example, corporate communications specialists may draft press releases and/or prepare informational content for the website or social media sites. In addition to the actual creation of material, corporate communications specialists may also be involved in planning and developing communication strategies, all with the goal of creating a positive public image of their corporation. A bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, public relations or marketing is typically required.

Human Resources Manager

Individuals with outgoing personalities and strong oral communication skills may be interested in a corporate communications career as a human resources (HR) manager. HR managers are responsible for the overall administration of all tasks pertaining to an organization's employees, utilizing their communication skills in recruitment efforts, the interviewing and hiring process, as well as planning, creating and teaching employee training classes, whether for a new position or for continuing education efforts. HR managers work closely with management and other executives in determining their specific employee needs so that they can target their recruitment efforts towards those most qualified. A bachelor's degree is typically required for this position, although those with an associate's degree and extensive prior human resource experience may be able to successfully obtain an HR manager position.

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