Can you get an IT job with a certificate?


Can you get an IT job with a certificate?

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Unlike many industries, information technology typically requires little formal education. The minimum requirement for most roles is a high school diploma or GED, rather than an associate's or bachelor's degree. Because this field is very technical and requires hard skills that can be learned and demonstrated without formal, higher education, many prospective employees can teach themselves or enroll in technical training programs that offer specialized training and certifications in specific areas of IT. Recruiters and managers find these certifications and the ability to demonstrate these skills and perform the tasks proficiently of more importance than any college degree. Furthermore, prospects that have the ability to communicate and work well with a team and customers, are attentive to details, and can find solutions to problems in innovative and creative ways are even more valuable. So if this is a field of interest, focus more on what you can actually do and make those skills your selling points on a resume and concern yourself less with how many degrees you have and you can be successful in a career in information technology.

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