Can you take online classes to get college transfer credits?


Can you take online classes to get college transfer credits?

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Yes, you can take online courses to earn transfer credits. However, each college and university has their own policies and procedures surrounding online courses and transfer credit. Some institutions do not accept transfer credits at all, while others only accept credits from in-person courses. Further, details such as how long ago you earned your credits, what grade you earned in a give course, and whether the institution from which you took your online courses is a regionally accredited college can impact the ability to transfer your credits. To make sure you get the most out of your online courses, contact the institution you wish to transfer your credits to learn their policies. This will help you plan where you should take online courses and which courses you should take. Once you have your initial answers and decide which online courses to take, you should also save a copy of the syllabus of each online course in case your transfer institution requires such documentation when making a decision on your transfer credits.

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