Can you take the GMAT without a bachelor's degree?


Can you take the GMAT without a bachelor's degree?

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There are no degree requirements that one must to meet in order to be able to sit for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT is generally used by the admissions officers for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs to gauge how prepared applicants are for the rigors of their particular schools' programs. One should dedicate a significant amount of time preparing for the GMAT. In order to be successful, test takers should make sure they they are familiar with the types of questions that are asked on the GMAT, as well as what those questions are asking.

There are four main sections of the GMAT:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment: test takers must produce a substantive written argument responding to the exam's posed prompt.
  • Integrated Reasoning: tests an individual's ability to synthesize information from presented evidence.
  • Quantitative: tests an individual's ability to analyze and interpret mathematical and data-driven questions.
  • Verbal: tests an individual's reading comprehension and critical analysis skills.

It is highly recommended that an individual interested in taking the GMAT completes a GMAT preparation course. There are a variety of course options, including in-person classes, online guided classes, and self-paced classes. One can also purchase GMAT preparation books and work through them on one's own schedule.

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