Can you work in human resources with a degree in social work?


Can you work in human resources with a degree in social work?

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Many businesses prefer human resource (HR) employees with degrees in either human resource management or business. The HR department handles benefits, payroll, training, recruitment, disciplinary measures, and other business tasks, so companies usually require a strong business foundation. However, if you want to move from social work to human resources, there are some steps you can take to become more qualified.

Look at your social work degree to see what skills are transferable to business and human resources. HR employees work toward conflict resolution in the workplace, so the counseling skills you learned for social work may be in demand. If your conflict resolution background is especially strong, you can look for HR positions focusing on mediation and conflict resolution.

Consider gaining more business and HR education. If you're still earning your social work degree, add a minor in human resources management or business. This additional program may require you to spend more time in school, but if you know you want to work in HR, the classes will help your overall career. If you've already graduated, you can earn a professional HR certificate from the HR Certification Institute or the Society for Human Resource Management. These continuing education programs show your knowledge and skills in the field, which will be important for employers to see.

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