Does an MBA in finance require math courses?


Does an MBA in finance require math courses?

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Most MBA in Finance programs do not require strictly math courses, but there is a big emphasis on mathematics within many of the core courses, particularly the ones more focused on finance. For example, Stanford lists Finance I and Financial Accounting as two of their required courses for the first quarter of their program. Both of these courses take you through the basics of financing, so professors would be able to walk you through in required mathematics on a basic level. Stanford also lists Optimization and Modeling, which emphasizes the use of quantitative models, as one of their first quarter courses. You may be required to do math in this course, but it involves critiquing the models more so than constructing them.

This program also involves data analysis, which shows you how to use mathematical data to make good decisions about business. Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are also common courses for this program, and both contain basic mathematical calculations such as inflation and interest rates. If you can understand these concepts on a basic level, you should do well even if you struggle with mathematics.

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