How can I get an Adobe Illustrator certification?


How can I get an Adobe Illustrator certification?

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An Adobe Illustrator certification can be found on the learning section of Adobe's website. While many of Adobe's certification programs just consist of a single pass/fail exam, there are options to train and study up on before actually taking the exam.

First of all, it should be mentioned that getting to know the Illustrator program before getting into certification or Adobe's training is always recommended. There are options for those who have no familiarity, like hiring an Adobe trainer, having at least a rudimentary knowledge of how to use the program will make engaging with online training tools much easier. This is the route many learners tend to choose because it is the cheapest and most flexible.

Former test takers even recommend reading some books on the program before taking the exam, and that's because the exam will go pretty far in depth on how the program works and is famous for testing on less-used aspects of the program. But with a little study and training, anyone can pass the Adobe Illustrator certification exam.

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