How do I express my career goals?


How do I express my career goals?

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In order to express one's career goals, it is first important to establish realistic goals for oneself. This can be done by drawing from one's own skills, personal interests, and personality traits in order to develop goals that are reflective of one's abilities and ambitions. Once these goals are established, there are a variety of ways someone can express them. A key factor in expressing career goals will be to enter into a field that is conducive to having these goals be met. For example, if one's primary professional goal is to help people, they may want to consider a career in the health or public service realm. The more specific someone's goals are, the more likely it will be that they will find a job that they are satisfied with and successful in. Finally, another tactic to consider in expressing one's goals is to directly incorporate their goals into their job search process. This can be done in a number of ways, including personal research online, or asking potential employers about a company's mission statement or objectives at a career fair or during a job interview, in order to ensure that a future employer's aims match up with one's own personal career motives.

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