How do I get a Physical Education certification?


How do I get a Physical Education certification?

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The schooling required to get certified in physical education is surprisingly extensive and requires a lot more science than most people probably realize. A bachelor's degree is a standard requirement in order to get a physical education certification, which will then allow someone to teach in a school setting. This degree needs to be completed in a health and fitness subject, such as physical education or kinesiology, because these subjects will include the necessary health science courses, such as nutrition, that relate back to the study of physical education. It is also worth noting that the actual route to becoming certified can vary from state to state, but it is very similar to individuals with other degrees that want to become certified and teach. Basically, in order to actually receive certification in physical education, additional education for teaching is required and only after completing the necessary teacher preparation and any examinations, an individual receives their certification and can then go on and teach physical education to others.

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