How many credits is an online college course?


How many credits is an online college course?

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Irrespective of whether a college course is administered online or in person, most courses are worth 3 credit hours each. In order to determine how many credit hours a particular course should be, the institution's enrollment professionals base the number using the amount of regular hours the students spend in class (Please note that this method is specific to traditional face-to-face courses only.). For classes in which students attend for a total of 3 hours per week, for instance, they are labeled as 3 credit-hour courses. On the other hand, online courses' credit hours are determined by calculating the approximate hours the average student will spend working on the course's assignments. For online courses that are worth 3 credit hours, for example, it is estimated that most students will likely spend about 9 hours per week completing assignments (3 hours per 1 credit hour). For clarification, some courses (both online and face-to-face) are worth less credit hours (This is especially the case with lab coursework, as most students spend less time in the lab than in the lecture portion.).

For more information about how college courses are assigned their respective credit-hour total, check out this article.

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