How much do teachers make in Monterey, California?


How much do teachers make in Monterey, California?

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According to, a Public School Teacher that is located within Monterey, California, can earn an income between $49,278 and $84,273 a year, with a median annual income of $65,068, as of October 2020. However, while most teachers will earn between these figures, it will also be influenced by how much experience the teacher has, what the extent of their education is, and what sort of school they are teaching at. This is because experienced teachers will always be able to earn higher salaries, which can often be helped by having an extensive education, or extra skills and credentials above the minimum requirements. The prestige of the school itself can also have an impact, because they will typically pay their staff higher salaries. With all that being said though, it is important to keep in mind that these figures represent gross income, and that it does not account for any extra income that could be earned through things like bonuses or overtime.

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