How much does a care coordinator make?


How much does a care coordinator make?

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According to PayScale, a care coordinator in the United States can expect to earn between $32,000 and $72,00 a year, with a median annual salary of $45,000, as of October 2020. Not only can this salary be impacted by extra income like bonuses, commission, profit sharing, and wages from any overtime that is worked, but it will also be influenced by how much experience the care coordinator has. For example, less experienced coordinators that are new to the field will earn at the lowest point of that pay scale, whereas the median rate is hit after 5 years of experience, and the highest point is associated with workers that have at east 15-20 years in the field. Not only that, but the location that they are working will also make a big difference, because not every employer, city, rural area, and state, will pay their care coordinators the same rate. For example, those in Atlanta will earn 21% higher than the median rate, whereas those in New York will make 13% higher, those in Chicago earn 11% more, and care coordinators in Houston will actually earn 6% less.

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