How much does a first-year teacher make in Minnesota?


How much does a first-year teacher make in Minnesota?

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of 2019), first-grade teachers, along with other elementary school teachers, earn a median yearly income of $59,420, though it is extremely important to clarify that an elementary school teacher's salary can vary, largely based on the following two factors:

*Their Living Situation

In some states, such as California or New York, the cost of living is extremely high. As such, residents living in these areas must earn much higher incomes to pay their living expenses. Minnesota, however, has a moderate cost of living, meaning that its residents can make less than their California or New York counterparts and still live a comfortable lifestyle.

*Their Level of Education

In most states, including Minnesota, prospective elementary school teachers need to complete a bachelor's degree program in elementary education in order to obtain a state-mandated teaching license. That being said, however, teachers who are seeking better job security, along with more competitive pay, often complete a relevant master's degree program after obtaining their bachelor's degree in teaching.

For more information about the educational qualifications of licensed elementary school teachers, check out this article: Elementary School Teacher Education Requirements.

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