How much does a history teacher make in Louisiana?


How much does a history teacher make in Louisiana?

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According to, the average salary for a public school teacher in Louisiana in 2020 was $56,231. This number represents all public school teachers, not just those teaching history or social studies. Typically, teachers are not paid differently based on the subjects they teach, unless those subjects are in critical need areas as designated by the state or federal department of education. History teachers need at least a bachelor's degree to begin teaching; it may be easier to earn your teaching license and to teach the subject if your degree is in a social sciences field (history, civics, economics, political science, or international studies), although you can usually earn a teaching certification with a bachelor's degree in any field. Each state issues a set of teaching standards for each subject and grade level. This means that the content you will be teaching is set, roughly, by the state and federal government. Your specific school will let you know about teaching standards and procedures for their needs.

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