How much does a licensed electrician make?


How much does a licensed electrician make?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an electrician in the United States in 2019 was $56,180. The top 10% earned $96,580 on average; the lowest 10% of earners took home less than $33,410. Those electricians working for the government or in a government related job earns the most, an average taking home $62,940 in 2019. To become an electrician, you only need a high school diploma. You will also need to complete an apprenticeship. This is a work-training program that allows you to learn on-the-job skills while being paid. You will not earn your regular wage while in your apprenticeship. Some vocational and technical schools also offered training programs for electricians. Graduates of these programs may be able to gain state licensure in order to work as electricians. Many electricians work independently, though most work as part of larger construction or contracting companies. Demand for electrician is expected to increase in the next decade, with the career class expecting to grow 8%. the national average for all careers in the United States is 4%. As more Americans turn to alternative sources for energy, such as wind, solar, and hydro electric power, the increase electricians will rise.

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