How much does a logistics coordinator make?


How much does a logistics coordinator make?

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According to, a logistics coordinator in the United States can expect to earn between $37,954 and $66,802 a year, with a median annual rate of $49,990 annually, as of October 2020. This does not include any additional income from bonuses, overtime, or something similar. It is also important to note that a logistics coordinator is a particular rank within the larger logistics industry, and it is preceded by several different ranks of logistics analysts, and is succeeded by the logistics operations manager role. Even logistics coordinators can have up to three ranks associated with them, which each having their different pay scales, and the higher the rank, the higher the earning potential. With that being said though, the level of experience is not the only contributing factor to their salary, and it is also heavily impacted by the location too. For example, the median salary is $55,790 in California, and $53,590 in New York, both of which fall above the national rate.

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