How much does a medical billing specialist make?


How much does a medical billing specialist make?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical records and health information technicians earned, on average, $42,630 in 2019. This career class include medical billing and coding specialists. The top 10% of all earners in this category earned $71,150 on average, while the lower 10% earned $27,820. This difference in pay can be accounted for by the experience, education, work location, and geographic location of a person. Medical billing and coding specialists can enter the profession with as little as a high school diploma, though completing a vocational or technical college program in medical billing and coding can lead to a higher wage. Some jobs required at least an associate's degree. Those working in hospitals and clinics earned the most on average, at more than $45,000 annually. This career class is expected to grow 8% in the next decade; that is double the projected growth of all careers. This is due to the aging population living longer and healthier, meaning they need medical care for longer.

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