How much does a medical scribe make in a year?


How much does a medical scribe make in a year?

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According to PayScale, the median hourly rate of pay for a medical scribe in the United States was $12.55, as of October 2020. However, scribes that are new to the profession and do not have many years of experience will tend to earn less than this, with their pay being as low as $9.73 an hour. The reverse of this is also true, because experienced medical scribes with many years on the job will earn above the median rate, sometimes earning as much as $17.40 an hour. None of these rates include bonuses, over time worked, or profit sharing though, which can all add up to a substantial figure. The location of where the scribe is working will also make a difference, because not every city and state will pay the same wage. For example, medical scribes in New York, NY, will earn 22% above the median rate, whereas those in Houston, TX will make 20% below it.

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