How much does a SoulCycle instructor make per class?


How much does a SoulCycle instructor make per class?

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According to, the average SoulCycle instructor is paid $91 per hour, though hourly pay can range anywhere from $51 per hour to $110 per hour, as of 2020.

Employee reviews on indicate that salary for this position is mostly set and not very competitive, meaning that most instructors can likely expect their hourly salary to be around the average value of $91 per hour. One report states that a regular shift at SoulCycle lasts for four hours, typically meaning the instructor will be teaching four classes at a time, meaning that instructors can expect to make an average of $364 for every regular shift. Part-time positions as SoulCycle typically require employees to complete between twenty and twenty-five hours of work per week; for six regular shifts, or twenty-four hours a week, a SoulCycle instructor can thus expect to make about $2,184 per hour at the average hourly rate.

Additional benefits reported by employees at SoulCycle include opportunities for free classes at any studio and discounts on branded clothing.

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