How much does a substitute teacher make in Lee County, Florida?


How much does a substitute teacher make in Lee County, Florida?

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Lee County, Florida, pays substitute, or guest, teachers, based on a tier system. As of 2020, the tiers were as follows:

  • Tier 1: High school diploma = $10.99 per hour ($82.40 per day)
  • Tier 2: At least 60 college credits (i.e. an Associate of Arts or Science degree) = $12.36 per hour ($92.70 per day)
  • Tier 3: Bachelor's degree or higher = $14.14 per hour ($106.05 per day)
  • Tier 4: Bachelor's degree AND at least ten years of previous work experience as a public school teacher or administration = $14.83 per hour ($111.24 per day)

There is a separate pay scale for substitute teachers working for more than 30 consecutive days in the same classroom or same teaching role. They are paid $18.54 per hour, or $139.05 per day. These are considered long-term substitutes in the county. These rates of pay are for public schools in Lee County only and do not include the rates of pay for substitute teachers in nonpublic (charter, private, religious, collective or cooperative) schools. Those schools will set their own pay rates for substitute teachers.

For more information about becoming a substitute teacher, check out this article:How to Become a Substitute Teacher: Step-by-Step Guide

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