How much does a substitute teacher make in Miami, Florida?


How much does a substitute teacher make in Miami, Florida?

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According to Miami-Date Public Schools (MDPS), temporary or substitute teachers are paid as follows:

  • Pool Temporary Instructors $132.84 daily
  • Emergency Temporary Instructor - $104.76 daily ($17.46 hourly)
  • Associate Degree or Equivalent - $76.68 daily ($12.78 hourly)

These are for public schools in Miami-Dade and do not take into account other types of schools, such as private, religious, public-charter, and cooperative or collective education programs. Rates for substitute teacher pay in public schools in Florida is set by each individual school district, while full-time public school teacher pay is determined at the state level. Becoming a substitute teacher in Miami-Dade County will require you to submit to a background check and provide appropriate educational credentials (typically, at least an associate's degree). You may also need to provide letters of reference, especially from previous teaching positions. It may benefit you to have a recommendation from a principal in good standing, as well.

For more information about becoming a substitute teacher, check out this article:How to Become a Substitute Teacher: Step-by-Step Guide

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