How much does a toll booth operator make?


How much does a toll booth operator make?

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According to the average annual pay for a toll booth operator in the United States as of September 25, 2020, is $28,450 per year, with a salary range of $25,919 to $32,866 per year. also reports that the lowest 10 percent in the field make an average salary of $23,615 and those in the highest 90 percent make an average of $36,888 per year.

Your personal salary will vary depending on certain factors like your location, experience, and your education. For example, those living somewhere with a low cost of living like Texas may see an average salary of $27,665 per year while those living in a high cost of living state such as Alaska will see an average annual salary of $31,642 per year. It is important to understand how much money you may save depends on where you decide to work and live.

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