How much does accountant make in Idaho?


How much does accountant make in Idaho?

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According to PayScale, the average salary for an accountant in Idaho was $55,982 a year, as of October 2020. However, as with any other profession, there is a range of salaries that an accountant could earn, and the lowest earners made as little as $35,000 a year, whereas the highest earners brought in as much as $117,000, or more. The reason for such an extensive range is because the salary of an accountant can be influenced by several different factors, such as the level of their experience, extent of their education, and which city and industry they are working in. To start, the experience of an accountant will directly impact how much they can expect to earn in a professional setting, because experienced workers are always paid more of a premium. Having a higher level of education is also helpful, especially in regard to having extra certificates or credentials that enable them to take on more profitable, specialized work. The location that they work in is also important, because different cities and industries will have different averages that they pay their accountants.

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