How much organic chemistry is needed for dental school?


How much organic chemistry is needed for dental school?

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You'll need to complete at least eight hours of organic chemistry, including labs, to apply for dental school. The American Dental Association (ADA) has set this two-semester minimum for all accredited dental programs. The ADA also expects all aspiring dentists to take eight hours of general or inorganic chemistry, physics, and biology, as well as six hours of English.

Organic chemistry and these other sciences courses will serve as your foundation for dental school. Dentists need a strong understanding of organic chemistry to work safely with medications while treating patients. Organic chemistry also supports your biology classwork, which is important for a dentist's work treating the human body.

The five classes required by the ADA are only a minimum expectation. Dental schools can set their own requirements for additional advanced classes as well. Early in your undergraduate career, make sure to check the requirements of dental schools that you'd like to attend. You can plan to take organic chemistry II or other advanced classes if your dream school requires.

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