Is a career in social work right for me?


Is a career in social work right for me?

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Social work is a greatly rewarding career field, but it is not for everyone. Here are some of the key traits that signify that social work is right for you. First, social workers must have a passion for helping people who are struggling. Empathy is a key part of social work, so having this passion for others is key. Another sign that social work is good for you is the tendency to thrive in individual or small group interactions. In your everyday life, you should be extremely organized, as social workers must manage their time effectively.

Creativity is also good, but know how to balance your creativity and patience. Social workers are extremely prone to burnout, so it is important to set boundaries. This career requires workers to make a conscious effort to practice self-care and know when to take a break for the day. Additionally, social workers must be perceptive of when a client is going through something, but sensitive when approaching different issues and cultural backgrounds.

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