Is it harder to get a degree in computer engineering or an MBA?


Is it harder to get a degree in computer engineering or an MBA?

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Both are very different degrees, with a different focus and a different set of skills. It also depends on your academic and professional background, your career plans and your ambition to do one or the other.

At the same time, both are difficult degrees that require a good set of skills, passion and focus on the subject studied.

Having an MBA will open up opportunities and can potentially increase earnings, however an MBA is a two-years, full-time commitment that can cost you up to 150.000 USD/year. If you are not entirely decided to work within the business world, become an entrepreneur or at least combine in some way your engineering knowledge with an MBA, then doing this degree will not bring as much value as one would hope for. On the other hand, an MBA is one of the most flexible degrees out there and you can pursue it regardless of the field you have graduated in.

A Master of Science in Computer Engineering is a competitive degree, focused on the subject at hand, that allows you to research the subject you study and focus, if you wish, on the academic side of things. Still, a Computer Engineering degree will help you develop the hands-on, practical skills you need to advance your career and get a better job than just entry-level ones.

As said before, it all depends on what you plan to do after finishing your degree.

For more information on the differences between a Master of Science and an MBA, check out this article: What Are Masters Programs?

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