Is the MBA considered a STEM degree?


Is the MBA considered a STEM degree?

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No, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is not typically considered a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) degree or field. An MBA prepares students for a career in business or finance, and allows them to enter the workforce above entry level due to their advanced education (and, typically, experience gained from work or internships). Common STEM fields include biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, information technology, mechanical, chemical, or civil engineering; calculus, trigonometry, and theoretical mathematics. While accounting is a math-related subject, it falls firmly in the business category because the required mathematics courses do not go beyond general college math. If you would like to pursue an MBA with STEM-associated coursework, you can look at schools that offer specialized programs. These degrees are designed to merge the principals of business and finance with the tenets of STEM. These programs are not available at all schools and some may not allow you to take coursework outside of business or finance classes. You should speak to an admissions counselor or your academic advisor for specifics relating to your degree program.

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