What are some careers that are associated with business law?


What are some careers that are associated with business law?

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Professionals in the business law field are responsible for advising their clients on contracts, negotiations, disputes and other legal issues related to business matters.

Following is an overview of some careers associated with business law:

  • Corporate paralegals primarily work in businesses and companies. They are responsible for conducting legal research and supporting their legal team as required. Most paralegals need a certificate or associate's degree to practice.
  • Corporate lawyers specialize in business practices and advise their clients on disputes, contract negotiations, hiring practices and other business-related issues.
  • Compliance officers ensure that legal rules and regulations are following and aligned with correct practices. A bachelor's degree is required for this field.
  • Administrative law judges resolve conflicts and disputes. They must hold a Juris Doctor (J.D) degree to practice.
  • Business law professors are experts in the field who teach or conduct research at colleges and universities.

While paralegals only require two to four years of study, lawyers, judges and legal professors require a law degree. They also need to pass the state specific bar exam.

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