What are some careers that use chemistry?


What are some careers that use chemistry?

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A degree in chemistry can be useful in a number of professions and industries. Some potential paths in medicine include anesthesiologists, cardiologists, pediatricians, dentists, dermatologists, osteopathic physicians, gynecologists, obstetricians, urologists, proctologists, general physicians, physician's assistants and pharmacists. If academics are more interesting to you, some options include teachers, professors, and researchers. There are also opportunities in the criminal justice system; for example, crime lab analysts and criminologists. Then, of course, you could pursue a career as a chemist that specializes in a number of areas, including food, industrial, organic, inorganic, polymer, production, quality control, etc. Consider your personal preferences and career goals and explore these, and other, opportunities in this field. Whether you earn an associate's, bachelor's, or doctorate degree in chemistry, there is a career in a variety of industries that will suit you and utilize the skills and knowledge learned. It may be useful to weigh the costs of the financial investment in a higher education degree and the benefits of the financial payoff in salary and job satisfaction of your profession.

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