What are some colleges that offer online vector Calculus courses?


What are some colleges that offer online vector Calculus courses?

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At many institutions, vector calculus is considered to be part of "Calculus 3" and covers differentiation and integration in vector fields. Before taking a class that covers vector calculus, you should expect to need to take previous calculus classes on derivatives and integrals, and linear algebra or another class that explains vectors and vector fields. Vector calculus brings these topics together to explain directional motion through real and non-real spaces with the notions of flux, curl, and flow.

If you are specifically interested in learning about vector calculus for its applications, you may wish to aim for colleges that specialize in a particular field. For example, to use vector calculus to predict natural events like the weather, you might want to research schools with programs in meteorology or environmental science. To use vector calculus to model human behavior in the market you may want to check out economics programs. To use vector calculus to model real-world physics for a video game, you should investigate schools known for computer science or specifically video game development. If you are directly interested in the concept of vector calculus in and of itself, you can be glad to know it should be covered by any school that offers majors in mathematics or, indeed, most scientific disciplines.

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