What are some jobs that you can get with a PhD in physics?


What are some jobs that you can get with a PhD in physics?

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A PhD in physics opens the door for graduates to work in various categories, including research, development/design, education, and management. Research is one of the most popular options for people with this degree, as many advanced research positions require technicians to have doctorate degrees, the most common of which are a science field. In research, people can work in either basic research (more broad) or applied research (with a specific application as a focus).

Development/design offers the opportunity to use research to develop new products and work to improve old ones. Many times, graduates choose to work in education, as a PhD helps people become instructors or become more distinguished scholars at educational institutions. In college and university environments, people often work in a combination of research and teaching. PhD graduates also make great managers and administrators, in pollution control, computer technology, and financial services, just to name a few other options.

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