What can I do with a background/education in law enforcement and business?


What can I do with a background/education in law enforcement and business?

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People with an education background in law enforcement and business have a large variety of career paths that they can choose from. Whether you choose to focus on one of the areas of study, or choose a more interdisciplinary approach, both fields are very diverse.

People that have an educational background in law enforcement and criminal justice will find a wide selection of career paths in revolving around the criminal justice system. These will include fields like law enforcement and forensics. Many law enforcement degree-holders choose to become lawyers, another option if you're willing to put in the effort to attend law school.

If you have a background in business, you will find an even more diverse set of careers to choose from. Business degree-holders may find themselves in careers relating to accounting, finance, business management and other fields related to the markets.

That said, law enforcement agencies, especially at the federal level, have a high demand for finance-related degree-holders given their involvement in fraud investigation and other issues. In this way, your experience in both law enforcement and business would make you an optimal candidate for careers in agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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