What can you get with a degree in criminal justice?


What can you get with a degree in criminal justice?

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A degree in criminal justice can help prepare you for many different jobs focused on crime prevention and investigative work. What job you ultimately go for will have a lot to do with what you decide to specialize in within the criminal justice field. You can be anything from a bounty hunter to a forensic scientist, both widely different from each other in many ways. To give an example, bounty hunters are known for working independently in order to track down and apprehend criminals. You will typically get work from bail bond agencies tracking down individuals that have not paid.

A forensic science technician, on the other hand, will spend their time working at crime scenes and collecting evidence so that they can work with a team to connect the pieces together. They will run tests on chemicals and analyze DNA from blood or other fluids. A similar job to this you can get with the same degree is one as a crime scene investigator.

You could also choose to work in the police department as an officer, a detective, a probation officer, and much more.

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