What do you major in to be a veterinarian?


What do you major in to be a veterinarian?

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Most veterinary schools don't require applicants to major in a specific field. As a result, you can major in almost any field to be a veterinarian. Despite this, most veterinary schools require applicants to complete specific prerequisite courses like biology, chemistry, animal science, physics, biochemistry, zoology, and inorganic and organic chemistry. Therefore veterinary school applicants need to ensure that they take these prerequisite courses during their undergraduate education. As long as they take these necessary courses, they will be able to major in any field. Since the majority of these students are interested in the biological sciences, the most common majors to be a veterinarian are biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, zoology, animal science, and wildlife biology. If you want to pursue a straightforward path to become a veterinarian, majoring in one of these fields will be your best option. Of course, you can also major in the humanities or social sciences.

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