What is a human services career?


What is a human services career?

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A human services career refers to any profession that primarily focuses on the provision of service to other human beings, be they groups, individuals, or whole communities, to help them to operate at their best capacity. In other words, a human services career can be described as one which allows humans to overcome adversity. From this definition, a wide range of jobs fit this description. For instance, almost all medical jobs are human services careers. Take, for example, a nurse. They work in hospitals to provide care to ill patients. In essence, a sick person is one who is seemingly in the face of adversity. The nurse helps restore their health and, in so doing, helps them get back to their full operational capacity. Similarly, a psychologist is in the human services career line. They provide mental health services to individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and a multitude of other mental health problems. By the end of the sessions with them, one can alleviate the mental health issues they are facing.

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