What is career counseling in psychology?


What is career counseling in psychology?

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Career counseling refers to the process of guiding you through the process of understanding careers and how they fit into your traits. The process always begins by identifying your interests, background, personality, and values. Once these have been identified, the counselor will help you come up with a list of careers that could be a good fit for you. The initial list might be lengthy because it is solely made considering the interests and passions identified. To narrow it down, the counselor helps you in researching each. Since they have professional experience, and they can understand the psychological approach you are likely to take, the counselor could also provide recommendations on careers they think you should focus on. They do this up to the point where you land your career. However, this is not the end of career counseling. It is as essential to receive career counseling after landing your dream job as it was before identifying it. Upon employment, the career counselor will help you advance and grow your career by guiding you on steps you can take to realize professional development.

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