What is health career orientation?


What is health career orientation?

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Health career orientation refers to the process through which students are familiarized with the pool of careers available in healthcare. During this process, you are introduced to various jobs and guided through choosing the one that befits you, given your passions and interests. After you have selected one profession, you are then involved deeply in understanding what it takes to be successful in that field. You get an understanding of what the educational credentials are required and the skills you need to possess to make yourself a viable candidate for the position. In other words, it helps you map out a career path for you to follow long before you are enrolled in the career. Most of the orientation programs are held for high school students to help them choose college educational paths that are aligned to their career desires. For some institutions, this orientation could even entail visiting with professionals in the industry of your choice for first-hand experiences on the careers. This helps you understand what the job is like outside the classroom.

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